History of the Constitution Edit

The Constitution of the Balkan Federation was declared on July 18th, 2026 by the Balkan Congress. It was to be the foundational law on the land from which all other law was derived. Excluding Natural Law, which was to be given a part of its own within the constitution, it attempted to codify or at least enable all necessary laws.

It was drafted by the members of the Congress prior to the end of the Balkan Revolution.

Preamble to the Constitution Edit

We, the members of the Balkan Congress, on behalf of the people of the Balkan Federation, resolve herein that there shall be one law of the land to govern all affairs, and maintain peace and security, on the territory of the acceding states, and will be held as the supreme law which is the duty of every citizen to uphold. The Constitution hereby established is to be upheld by every organ of state and by every citizen of the Federation, in order to fulfill the revolutionary mission of emancipation from the undemocratic instruments of previous governments, and to ensure that no breach of peace on the land is to go unresolved. By the right of our GOD, the love and light of our prophets, and the sacrifice of the children of the revolution, we conclude, freedom or death.

Constitution Edit